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Your journey through labor will be unique to only you. My job is to help you understand where you have choices that you didn’t know you had. Where do you want to give birth? At home, a hospital or birth center? How do you manage the pain of childbirth? When should I get an epidural? What are the risks and benefits to interventions in labor? These are all complicated decisions that you and your partner need to make. Why not be prepared for the unpredictability of birth with comprehensive birth education? 

Mama, rest assured knowing both you and your partner will learn what to expect throughout pregnancy, labor and postpartum as well as coping with change. I will make Dad a Rockstar birth support expert! He's going to love these classes ;)

Get the information that you need to help you have an amazing experience, no matter what happens!

Who Am I

Hello, my name is Stephanie Lecker and I am a mother to two beautiful, intelligent and compassionate little boys, a super cuddly Pomeranian Chihuahua and wife to a wonderful man. My journeys through labor and birth have brought me love and pain, joy and loss. Our first son was complicated, and his delivery was rough, we felt like we were prepared and knew what to expect…boy were we wrong. About a year later we were surprised with a second pregnancy, but this little baby was not meant to be. After these two challenging experiences I was determined for the next time to be different. Our second son’s pregnancy, labor and delivery were night and day different from his brother. My husband and I taught ourselves the techniques and methods we needed to give us the birth that we had always wanted and because of that I had such a redemptive birth! From these experiences and my education from Birth Boot Camp, I know I am called to work with women to provide unbiased evidence-based information to help you feel comfortable making choices during pregnancy, birth and as a parent. I respect all birthing preferences and want you to feel prepared when you start labor. I am passionate about birth and would love to share my passion with you. Let’s chat over coffee!

Services Offered

Birth Education-Birth Boot Camp

It is not my job to TELL you what to do during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. It is my calling to give you evidence based information so whether you choose a hospital birth, home birth or birth center birth, I can help you and your partner prepare for the unexpected moments during the birthing process and in the days that follow. Dads play a huge roll at birth and I want them to feel as confident as possible with the best tools in their box to help baby earth side. I love coffee and tea so give me a call and we can chat more about birth over a cup!

Stephanie Lecker Photography

It is a special moment becoming pregnant, bringing a child into the world, meeting them for the first time, watching them grow and deciding to add to your family. I want to be there to capture your moments. I want to help you remember how powerful you were during labor. How great it is to witness the look on a mother and fathers face when they see their baby for the first time. And then, during those first few days when they are so sleepy and snuggly- I want to help you remember it always!

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