I am your Doula.

Empowering women throughout their birth journey

What is a Doula?

A doula is a certified professional who walks with you and your partner through pregnancy, labor and postpartum to offer support, education, a strong pair of hands and respect for your birth wishes. 

I aim to EMPOWER you by helping you navigate pregnancy and labor with confidence! You will feel like you know what you're doing even if this is your first time. And if it isn't, I can help you acheive your goals for this baby's birth, as each one is unique. 

I provide support in the form of...

Birth Plan

I will come to your home twice to practice labor/birth positions, relaxation for birth, educate on comfort measures and show you my birth bag.

I will listen to your fears, worries and desires to help you create a concise and respectful birth plan any provider will love to read!

Phone Support

You can call, text, email, facetime, marco polo me whenever you want to ask questions about your pregnancy and definately once you're in labor. 

I want to get to know you and your partner so we can work symbiotically during birth. Contact me as often as you like.

Birth Support

It's B-DAY! Or maybe the day before...birth can last a while despite what media says. Nevertheless, I will be there from active labor (details to come so you feel confident when to call me) until 2 hours after. 

I'll make sure to take care of dad (he needs support too) so you can focus on baby. He's the rock star-i'm just there to remind him! 


Once you're all settled in at home (3-5 days later), I'll come visit to make sure you are comfortbale and feeling good. I can help with breasfeeding, cooking, cleaning or just holding baby while you and dad rest. 

I can give you referrals to services like lactation counselors or mental health professionals in the area if need be. Mostly I just want to love on that new squish of yours!!! ;)

Investment $800

This will include all of the above services including a free consultation.

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your due date and will be credited toward the total. Payments are accepted throughout your pregnancy, but total must be paid prior to 37 weeks. I cannot go on-call for your birth without full payment.

Doula care is fully reimbursable through HSA and FSA for most plans.

You will need a detailed reciept to submit for reimbursment. This will be available upon request. Call your insurance for coverage details. 


Reach out to create your perfect package and save!

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